Power Engineering, Linear Infrastructure, Public Lighting

The design documentation is provided for the following fields:

Public Lighting

  • lighting of roads, tunnels, parks, parking lots, etc.

Outdoor Distribution Lines

  • 22 kV cable and overhead power lines
  • 0.4 kV outdoor power lines
  • 22/0.4 kV transformer stations.

In collaboration with PRONTO Elektro Praha s.r.o., we produce the design documentation for PREdi (Pražská energetika distribuce a.s.)

Outdoor Light-Current Distributions

  • CETIN….

Documentation and certification

Sample of project documentation

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Evo Bus Holýšov (2017)

halls for making buses

City park in Prague, Bohnice (2018)

Revitalization of city park in Bohnice, Prague

Brewery Kutná Hora (2016)

reconstruction of the brewery

ÚČOV (2017)

sewage treatment intensification

Terraces Břevnov (2018)

apartment building at the desired Prague address

Parkview Pankrác (2015)

administrative building

Holečkova Residence (2018)

Residential building reconstruction in Smíchov, Prague

Holešovice Fair Centre Refurbishment (2015)

renovation of the fairground site

City Deco (2013)

administrative building in Pankrác, Prague

V tower (2014)

first-class residential housing

Sedmikráska (2012)

apartment building in Vysočany, Prague

Pankrác – Administrative Centre (2010)

administrative building on Pankrác, Prague

UCEEB Kladno (2012)

University Centre of Energy-Efficient Buildings

Aquapark Šutka (2012)

Aquacentrum in Prague

Park Hloubětín (2012)

residential complex