Residential Construction

Terraces Břevnov (2018)

apartment building at the desired Prague address

Holečkova Residence (2018)

Residential building reconstruction in Smíchov, Prague

Kobrova Residence (2018)

apartment building in Prague's Smíchov

U hranic (2017)

apartment building in Prague

V tower (2014)

first-class residential housing

Sedmikráska (2012)

apartment building in Vysočany, Prague

Santinka Residence (2012)

luxury apartment building

Apartment Mědvědín (2012)

living in the foothills

Prague Marina (2005)

living in the harbour

Commercial Buildings

Luxembourg Plaza (2018)

complex with offices, shops and hotel

J44 (2018)

office building in Warsaw

Valentinka (2017)

administrative building with apartments

Stock Exchange Palace (2017)


Albatros (2017)

reconstruction of the office building

Hamleys Toyshop (2016)

a three-storey toy store in Prague's Příkopy

Nupraho (2016)

Technology park

Kačerov Administrative Centre (2016)

new administrative centre

Futurama (2015)

office space with pedestrian zone in Karlin, Prague

Parkview Pankrác (2015)

administrative building

Czech Football Association (2014)

representative spaces for Czech footballers

Palmovka Park (2013)

Metrostav administration building

Line (2013)

the appearance of the gap site in Prague's Vitězné náměstí

City Deco (2013)

administrative building in Pankrác, Prague

Kotva (2012)

department store renovation

Rapid Palace (2012)

multifunctional building in the heart of Prague

Pankrác – Administrative Centre (2010)

administrative building on Pankrác, Prague

Airport Prague (2006)

reconstruction of the firehouse

Industrial Buildings

Steti Sawmill (2019)

wood processing plant in Litoměřice

Evo Bus Holýšov (2017)

halls for making buses

Lego Mexiko (2017)

new production halls in Mexico

Brewery Kutná Hora (2016)

reconstruction of the brewery

Lego Kladno (2015)

expansion of production halls for Lego in Kladno

Opávia (2013)

Production plant extension

Schafer Menk Radotín (2013)

office facilities of a large production hall

ELI Dolní Břežany (2012)

top labs for laser exploration

Philip Morris (1995)

reconstruction of the factory for the production of tobacco products

Public Amenities

City park in Prague, Bohnice (2018)

Revitalization of city park in Bohnice, Prague

ÚČOV (2017)

sewage treatment intensification

ÚPMD Praha Podolí (2017)

Fetal Medicine Centre Construction , Prague

Holešovice Fair Centre Refurbishment (2015)

renovation of the fairground site

Nová Palmovka (2014)

The new building of the Prague 8 Town Hall and a shopping centre

ELI Dolní Břežany (2012)

top labs for laser exploration

UCEEB Kladno (2012)

University Centre of Energy-Efficient Buildings

Aquapark Šutka (2012)

Aquacentrum in Prague

Power Engineering

City Deco (2013)

administrative building in Pankrác, Prague

Park Hloubětín (2012)

residential complex


Lipová Château (2015)

reconstruction of a historic building