AZ elektroprojekce  shall produce and deliver the complete electrical design documentation in the following design stages :


  • PPD – Planning Permit (Proceedings) Documentation
  • CPD – Civil Permit Documentation
  • TD – Tender Documentation for selection of a Contractor
  • DDD – Detail Design Documentation
  • execution design documentation
  • supplier´s design documentation
  • as-built documentation


The design documentation is divided depending on the particular field:

We shall also provide a complete delivery, designer´s supervision and coordination with all other project parts.

Other Offered Services:

  • refurbishment design,
  • technical supervision at a construction site either for a Client or a Contractor,
  • surveys of electrical installations technical condition, assessment of a design documentation
  • reviews, certifications, proposals of economic optimisation,
  • evaluation of bids in the above-mentioned fields
  • proposals on savings in deliveries,
  • energy saving optimization,
  • fault condition monitoring, fault-based interlocking, fault alarm signalization,
  • maximum electricity consumption monitoring,
  • technological process visualization,
  • and other services on a particular request.

Design Documentation

  • 2D alternative in AutoCAD
  • 3D BIM alternative in  REVIT
  • provided in the Czech, English, German and Russian languages.

Please look at our reference design documents

Delivery dates

of the mentioned activities can be adapted according to the Client´s needs; they primarily depend on the submitted initial documents, coordination with other project parts, and scopes of other deliveries.


Price of design and engineering activities

can be negotiated; it is based on the design activity price list and considers the specifics of the particular project, the scope, and initial documents.

How exactly does it work?

Based on your request (placed via e-mail or in person), we will produce a bid, including a price proposal, and send it to you via e-mail; then, we can communicate via phone or personally to make the bid more specific. The activities can be then started based on your purchase order confirmed by us. For jobs of the larger scope, a Contract for Work shall be agreed and signed.


“Dear customers, thank you for approaching us. We are convinced that you will be fully satisfied with our work.”

Vladimír Velát

Alois Získal

Executive Officers of AZ elektroprojekce, s.r.o